Information and Communication Technology: Positive impact on Life

Information technology has developed in its bloom now these days. When we discuss about its impact and influences on human life, there are many views to evaluate this. Many people
think that life is become busier and harder in these days. But there is another
positive reason also to praise the development and uses of information
technology. How and how much information technology made human life easy,
smarter and convenient? Let’s talk about the positive impacts of information
technology on life and life style.…..
Information and communication technology: Positive impact on life
information and communication technology ICT in life and the impact of ICT on lifeIn this brief essay we will discuss about the importance of Information and Communication Technology in human life. What are the positive impact of information and communication technology for mankind?

The old man and the new man: Information and communication

changed the life and life style of the modern man. Just imagine few decades
ago, man as to use the traditional means of communication such as Postcards,
inland letters, personnel communication and such other means of communication
to communicate each other. There were very problems and expenses had to face to
use those means of communications. They needed a long time and sometime those
means were costly, but now in these days we get the smart and latest means of
communication as mobile phones, e-mails, catting etc. Now it is very easy to
have a mobile phone for a common man. Now anyone can communicate via mobile
phone within few seconds.

Easy communication

When we talk about daily life and daily routines; we find that information and communication technology made our life very easy and comfortable. When anyone is outside the home, he is
connected by mobile phone. When the children study outside the home the family
members and parents need not to worry about the children. When a student is
outside the home, he can consult with his parents by mobile phone. It is a
great advantage of information and communication technology on life. Social
networking sites as Facebook, twitter, Google plus and so many sites have been
widely used by the people to communicate with each other. They are a powerful
means of communication and it is a positive impact of information technology on
life. Not young generation but the people of all age also using the internet.
Cyberspace is full of unlimited possibilities. There is a positive relation
between the cyberspace
and real life

Internet banking

Information and communication
technology influenced other sides of life also. Internet banking, e commerce
and shopping online are such few services that are most convenient and time
consuming. Internet banking is the wonderful advantage of information and
communication technology. Now customer can check his account balance and send
money anywhere at his home. It is the great innovation of modern age and
information technology helped the man and made his life easier and comfortable.

The ocean of the knowledge:

Internet, television, radio, mobile are the great source of information and now these are easily available.
In old days books, newspapers and magazines are the main source of knowledge.
There were some problems that in few rural areas newspapers were hardly
available but now many local and national newspapers are available online via
internet. A lot of portals are providing enormous informative materials on
different fields and on every aspect of life. Internet is the great evolution
and it is the ocean of knowledge. Now there are few modern devices that are
helpful to store a large data in a very little space. Digital technology made
this possible to read many articles, books and magazines online or offline. It
is the great positive impact of modern technology.
In this article, these are my own

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