Matter Of Convenience

Matter of Convenience So many Malls,, big & huge ones have opened in almost every City now. They are so convenient. Almost everything is under one roof. Such opulence, air conditioned comfort, such well dressed and courteous staff, entire family can spend an evening window shopping or eating. Near home, so many big vegetable and […]

Building Relationships In Life

Building Relationships In Life Be it marriage, job or profession, business, friends, Social standing, RELATIONSHIPS matter everywhere. Following are some of the tips, how strong meaningful relationships can be built so that you can cherish and relish them as you grow old. It is then, money, status, position, nothing gives pleasure and satisfaction. What please […]

LOVE The True Essence of Life

LOVE- The True Essence of Life The Origin & Epicenter of Goodwill, Kindness, Caring, Sacrifice, Compassion, Altruism & Benevolence.     ‘Pothi padh padh jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy. Dhai akshar prem ke, padhe so pandit hoy’. So said Sant Kabir, a renowned social reformer, poet and thinker, some 500 years ago. Translated, it […]

Ten Ways for Happiness, Peace and Serenity in life

These days lot is written on ‘HAPPINESS’. And, why not? If we are not Happy, Peaceful or Satisfied, Life loses its purpose and becomes a despised chore. WAYS for Happiness, Peace and Serenity Let it not happen to you. Work on the following TEN WAYS for Happiness, Peace and Serenity in life: 1.           There will never be another ‘TODAY’, […]

Power Of Optimism

Power Of Optimism Bert and John Jacobs, the brothers who co-founded $100 million ‘LIFE IS GOOD’ T-shirt company, were the youngest of six children in a lower middle-class family in Boston (US). When the brothers were in elementary school, their parents met a near-death Car Accident from which their mother managed to escape with just a few […]

I have Changed, Have you?

I have Changed. Have you?   Days slip into weeks, weeks turn into months and months transform into years. Calendars are changing and so am I.   Yes, I  am changing. After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, now I have started loving myself. Yes, I  am changing. I just […]


BEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD Once, in a round table discussions about Religion and Freedom, a famous person asked Dalai Lama “Your holiness, what is the BEST RELIGION?” The person had thought he would say ‘The Tibetan Buddhism’ but Dalai Lama paused for a while, smiled and looked at him in the eye and answered […]