Differences between writing and blogging

Writing is a well-known thing and people
know about writing work; writing a book, writing articles for newspapers and
magazines and writing many stories etc. Now in these days a new word
“blogging” is very popular on internet. What the means of blogging
and what is blogging? What the differences between writing and blogging are?

Writing is a clear concept; writing any draft, story, article, play, script etc. It is mainly a manual work and writers have chances to edit the article, or rewrite the articles.

When they send it to newspapers or magazines; there is a keen procedure of editing and proof reading complied by the editors. Blogging is a new word and it came in existence due to the evolution of internet when many websites provide a facility to create a blog on the website and writers moved to internet to write and publish the articles, stories and the research on internet. Blogging is consist of two main things writing a blog post and publish it on the blog.
There are many types of blogging work; writing blog posts for own blog, writing blog posts for others
blog, publishing the blogs, collecting and publishing other blogger’s posts on
own blog. Blogging are of many kinds; professional blogging, blogging for
hobby, blogging for any purpose etc.
What the main difference between blogging
and writing are? Writing is a manual activity while blogging is especially an
online activity. Writing possess through a process of editing while when any
blogger blog at his own blog, he is the editor himself. Writing does not need
any technical experience while there is a need to have knowledge of many
techniques like search engine optimization, key word density, and search engine
trends for a successful blogging.What are your blogging experiences?
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4 thoughts on “Differences between writing and blogging”

  1. Yes, of course blogging id very convenient and interesting nowadas. Because once we have read a blog post, we can ask the author a question and quickly get the answer. I cannot say this about the books. We can keep live communication in the internet and to wiockly get information. That's why blogging has lots of advantages. Thank you for this article, it is very cognitive.

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