Ten Ways for Happiness, Peace and Serenity in life

WAYS for Happiness, Peace and Serenity. These days lot is written on ‘HAPPINESS’. And, why not? If we are not Happy, Peaceful or Satisfied, Life loses its purpose and becomes a despised chore.

WAYS for Happiness, Peace and Serenity

WAYS for Happiness, Peace and Serenity

Let it not happen to you. Work on the following TEN WAYS for Happiness, Peace, Serenity in life:

1.           There will never be another ‘TODAY’, so make most of it.
2.           Include other people’s Happiness in your own & share your    Happiness with others.
3.           Laugh a lot but from your Heart.
4.           Put your Heart into everything you do.
5.           Learn to say, ‘YES’ instantly.
6.           Accept others as they are.
7.           Be a friend to all. Create more Relationships.
8.           See your work as Service and an opportunity to GIVE.
9.           Be Happy with yourself. Let outer circumstances not affect your Happiness.
10.      If you don’t like what you see, try changing your angle.

Happiness, Peace, Serenity in life.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.  Mudit Mahajan & Staff.

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