Building Relationships In Life

Relationships In Life. Be it marriage, job or profession, business, friends, Social standing, RELATIONSHIPS matter everywhere. Building Relationships matter more.

Following are some of the tips, how strong meaningful relationships can be built so that you can cherish and relish them as you grow old. It is then, money, status, position, nothing gives pleasure and satisfaction. What please you are few Sincere Friends. Building relationships in life matters a lot.

Building Relationships In Life, Personnel care, relationship tips

Building Relationships: Important Tips

  1. Body language,tone and manner, matter a lot whenever you are speaking to someone. Be polite and positive. Straight forward rather ‘say something, mean something types’. Never irk to have the last word in a discussion (avoid unnecessary arguments). Give-in in all the minor inconsequential matters. Never be sarcastic using double meaning language. Speak as you want to be spoken, with respect and gratitude.
  2. Avoid ‘ME FIRST’ approach:Develop the Attitude to GIVE rather then GET. Help others. Take genuine interest in others, matters concerning them keeping your personal problems on the back burner. Give place to others in any queue, specially ladies and old. Be a good patient LISTENER. All this will show how much you care and caring types are kept in people’s heart. 
  3. Be the Original You:When you buy something, you are careful that you buy the original not duplicate. So be one. People should love you from heart not mind. Speak to EXPRESS not Impress. You automatically impress people when you express with Clarity, Honesty and with Vision.
  4. Forgive easily:You will find great solace in forgiving and owning a prejudice-free heart. FORGIVE FORGET & MOVE ON. Do not provide rent-free space to all the grudges one can have in life. First Cooperate then only expect others to cooperate. And if they don’t, do not Crib, Criticize or Complain. Just go about what needs to be done. Just keep doing that. 
  5. Be Thankful, Appreciative and Encouraging:Well, quite a rare activity. We tend to pounce on someone’s faults & mistakes and ignore the good done. Doing that you may get perverted pleasure but would always loose lots of goodwill and bonhomie. Never let an opportunity to be appreciative or encouraging be missed.
  6. whatever you are, BE GOOD.Your company, then, shall be cherished and relished by everyone. When you do good, Goodness returns.

Relationships Tips

There are many more, but if you take care of the above, things will automatically fall into place in life.

Building relationships must be given utmost priority taking help from the above cues. START DOING IT NOW whatever it takes. It’s important, very important.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

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