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How world Economy Functions -Amazing Logic 

How world Economy Functions -Amazing Logic  As for Economy is concerned this is a crazy world. Some unbelievable but interesting facts about it. Japanese save a lot. They do not spend much. Also, Japan Exports far more than it imports. Has an annual trade surplus of over 100 billion.  Yet Japanese economy is considered weak, even collapsing. […]

National Character

NATIONAL CHARACTER   HOW EAST INDIA COMPANY GOT IT’S FOOTHOLD IN INDIA?   It was the time when Moghul Emperor Jahangir was ruling India. His son Shahjahan only about ten, became seriously ill. All sorts of medicines (Both Unani and Ayurvedic which were prevalent at that time) were tried but failed. Every day condition of […]

Live life that matters inspirational Hindi

Live Life that Matters-उद्देश्यपूर्ण जिंदगी

ऐसी जिन्दगी जियें जो उद्देश्यपूर्ण हो. उद्देश्यपूर्ण जिंदगी ही सच्चे अर्थों में जिन्दगी को जीना है. Ready or Not, someday, it will all come to an End. Live Life that Matters. There will be no more Sunrises, no Minutes, Hours or Days. All your Acquisitions, Collections or Treasures, will pass on to someone else.   उद्देश्यपूर्ण […]


LIVE LIFE 100% Life happens, Time Passes, Distance Separates, Children grow up. Love waxes and wanes. Hearts break. People come and go. Careers flourish and end. Colleagues forget favours. People don’t call when they say they will. Even the near and dear ones change colours. Friends ditch though Strangers, at times, Help and prove better […]


College does not really prepare you for real life. If you are a full-time student, you probably do not have a lot of space to fit a part-time job in your busy schedule. However, student loans are making it impossible for you to concentrate during your classes as they keep getting higher, making you even […]