College does not really prepare you for real life. If you are a full-time student, you probably do not have a lot of space to fit a part-time job in your busy schedule. However, student loans are making it impossible for you to concentrate during your classes as they keep getting higher, making you even […]


HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND Happiness is always needed. Beautiful message explaining how Happiness is a State of Mind. All of us should try to develop such attitude.   क्या वास्तव में प्रसन्नता मन की एक दशा है? क्या प्रसन्नता कोई बनी बनाई चीज है? प्रसन्नता अपने कर्मों से या फिर प्रयासपूर्वक आती है.   […]

जिंदगी के कुछ सरल सिद्धांत- LIFE’S SIMPLE PRINCIPLES

Life’s Simple Principal Motivational article. जिंदगी तो सरल है मगर कभी-कभी ये हमारे लिए कठिन बन जाती है. जिंदगी के कुछ सरल सिद्धांतों पर हम कुछ चर्चा करते हैं. Life is simple but we make it complicated. Some simple to do things in life.   Spread Goodness: Our short life span is nothing but a reflection. […]

Differences between writing and blogging

Differences between writing blogging. Writing is a well-known thing and people know about writing work; writing a book, writing articles for newspapers and magazines and writing many stories etc. Now in these days a new word “blogging” is very popular on internet. What the means of blogging and what is blogging? What the differences between writing and blogging are? […]

The attractive personality always pleased us

In our life we meet several person having different personality. Some people have an attractive personality and we like them. Attractive Personality Always Pleased Us      There are so many great people who is something different. Their presence make us happy.  It is because of their attractive personality. Personality make them quite different with […]

My Classmates at PGBT College Bhopal

College life is a golden period of life where we learn many things, behaviors and so many. During my B.Ed. training I spent 1 year in P.G.B.T. College Bhopal. P.G.B.T. College is the old name of Government College of Education which is situated at Bairasia Road Bhopal. The area near Government College of Education is […]