Dr Hinohara’s Perspective on LIFE

Dr. Hinohara’s Perspective on  LIFE   AMAZING – Dr. Hinohara’s Perspective on  LIFE   Inspirational Quotes on LIFE. Quotes that can help you. The Quotes the can change your life. Dr Hinohara is a popular name in motivational writers. At the age of 97 years, Shigeaki Hinohara is one of the world’s longest-serving physician and … Read more

Golden Guidelines for a Better Life

Golden Guidelines

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

The day I was commissioned in the Army Corps of Signals from Officers Training School, Madras (Now called Officers Training Academy, Chennai), I was exactly 20 Years old. Now 75, life taught me a lot, some by easy ways, others hard. I would like to pass on what I learnt, to you, our younger generation. Modify or adjust the following GUIDELINES as per your unique requirements and make yourself a better person, a better human being for your families, friends and associates.


Golden Guidelines


Golden Tips अच्छी जिंदगी के लिए स्वर्णिम टिप्स

1. Don’t compare your life and possessions with others, since you have no idea as to what are the realities about them.

2. Preferably expect nothing from others or very little to limit your disappointments and heartaches later.

3. Most things happening in life are beyond your control. Change the changeable and accept with dignity what you cannot change.

4. Things are never as bad as they appear to be. Think positive. If you keep thinking of impending negatives, negative things only are likely to happen. Keep trying. You will succeed.

5. Get into the habit of reading inspiring books and such articles. Knowledge propels you towards your goals and success. It also helps you eliminate fear & worry. More you know, lesser you fear. There is no substitute to knowledge & experience in life.

6. Time is the most precious commodity in life. Don’t waste it in gossiping, watching TV, reading fiction or just whiling away.

7. At any stage in life, watch your health. Create a healthy life-style by regular exercise & staying away from junk foods.

8. You go up in life with others’ help, family, friends, relatives, employees or associates. Treat them well to get their whole- hearted cooperation and support. They all play important role in your success.

9. Always be fair. Give everyone due credit & share. Sacrifice individual interest against collective good.

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