परिवर्तन- एक स्थिर वस्तु: Change is The Only Constant in Life

Even without knowing, we are Changing Constantly. That is why above Headline is given. There is No Progress WITHOUT CHANGE. But for Change, we have to get out of our Comfort Zone which becomes troublesome and at times, we despise change. परिवर्तन जिंदगी का सत्य है. परिवर्तन होते हैं जब हम अपनी लाइफ को इम्प्रूव करना चाहते हैं. Change is the Only Constant in Life.

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Change Happens in Life When

* Pursue our GOALS Relentlessly through PERSISTENCE which is the KEY to Success and Glory in Life. But with Persistence      always goes with PATIENCE which is a Gem of life. “You will never feel sorry for having been Patience in Life”.


* Shun Negativity and Embrace Positivity through COURAGE & FAITH coupled with Hope, Self Belief & Self Confidence.


* Remember. “Life’s Battles are not always won by Stronger and Faster Man. But the Man who Wins is THE MAN WHO THINKS  HE CAN”.

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Confidence in yourself

* DON’T COMPARE your life with others. Have Faith and Confidence in yourself.


* EXPECT NOTHING from others. If you have to ask something, ask God or Creator you believe in. But no point asking Him also since He knows. ONLY PRAY FOR HIS BENEVOLENCE AND FORBEARANCE.

Things in Life

* Most Things or Events in Life are beyond your control. So, CHANGE The Changeable But ACCEPT the Unchangeable.


* At any Stage in Life, WATCH YOUR HEALTH. Create a Healthy Lifestyle from young age which would help you a Great Deal as you Age. Do Walking or Exercise for 45 minutes daily, Eat Healthy, avoid unhealthy Junk foods and aerated drinks.

Sharing, Helping and Giving

* Get into the Habit of SHARING, HELPING & GIVING. Be Cooperative since others will also Cooperate with you only if you Cooperate with them and you need their Cooperation during your Way Up.


* BE MONEY-WISE : Save a Fixed amount regularly, Neither Be Extravagant with Money nor Be Stingy. Buy only what you Need not what you want. And Do Not Try To Impress Others With Your Money Nor Be Impressed With Others’ Money.

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Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd

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