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Recently, while returning from Bengaluru by Shatabdi Express in chair car, my seat was opposite a mother sitting on the window seat with her teenage son occupying the middle seat. Aisle seat was occupied by a middle aged gentleman. When dinner was served, boy finished his dinner before the gentleman on the aisle seat. Immediately, the boy started making impatient gestures to get out of his seat . While still eating, middle aged gentleman had to get up and give way to the boy, again sat down to resume eating. But, boy returned in a couple of minutes and stood on the person’s head to get in. Hapless person had to get up once again and give way to the boy. Without saying a word, ‘Thanks’ or any gesture of gratitude, boy got in and sat comfortably in his seat, his mother observing everything. Positive Behavior consideration others.

दूसरों के बारे में सोचना

Quotes About Consideration

Being considerate of others will take you and your children further in life than any college or professional degree.

(Marian Wright Edelman)

Self-respect knows no considerations.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.

(Criss Jami, Killosophy)

Small incidence made to think

This small incidence made me to think, how often we are so inconsiderate to our fellow citizens, spouse, friends, subordinates and many others. Mind you, this teenager was not intentionally discourteous, disrespectful or rude to the gentleman sitting next but simply, was unaware that there exist a decent better way with little patience, courtesy or civic sense. Neither did boy’s mother, observing everything, found anything wrong with her son’s behaviour. Boy seem to be studying in a ‘good’ school, but belonged to a vast majority of people who often behave that way in our homes, work places, educational institutions, public places or on road while driving or riding, without any consideration for others. In fact, being inconsiderate, has become a way with most of the people.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, "Consideration For Others Stimulates Positive Behavior." consideration meaning in law consideration in a sentence consideration meaning in tagalog what does consideration mean consideration definition business law what does consults mean being considerate of others noun form of groaning

Our roads are not only unsafe but terribly stressful to be at. Impatient actions and looks are the order for most drivers/ riders. Disobeying traffic discipline/rules has become a way with such people on road. People jump signal, not follow lane discipline, drive recklessly in zig-zag fashion scaring other road users and pedestrians alike, show utmost impatience giving dirty looks to other road users. Even law enforcers, politicians, senior bureaucrats, High court judges or senior police officers with red or blue beacons (Not any more, Thank God), consider it an affront to drive on left side as per road rules and endanger other road users.

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Elders, Parents and Life

Inconsideration towards elders, at times, own parents, in homes bought by the parents, who lived an austere life all through, bringing up, educating and settling children, is most unfortunate. Such inconsiderate and selfish attitude, results in a lonely helpless existence for the old parents who have sacrificed all enjoyments of life for their children in their heydays. However, I must mention the refreshing exception of a friend, who with wife and parents lived together as joint family, when asked, “are his parents living with them?” Both husband and wife corrected me saying, “No. We are living with them”.

Respect is a part of our life

Marriages might be made in heaven but have to be lived on earth. Both partners, being the product of nature, are unique but different emotionally, likes-dislikes-wise, taste-wise, need-wise and value-wise. Two individuals before marriage, become one entity after marriage but they must gel with each other, which happens best when they are considerate to each other, patient & tolerant of each other, are compassionate and offer support and sympathy in abundance whenever needed. When both partners are considerate to each other, marriage is bliss and their life blessed.

Consideration and Respect for Each Other

Amongst all nations in the world, Japanese distinguish themselves in showing consideration and respect for each other. You will rarely find Japanese losing temper or speaking rudely to one another. Mutual respect and courtesy is a way of life with Japanese, rich or poor. As consideration towards fellow workers, early reaching Japanese park their cars far away to walk the long distance as consideration towards fellow workers who might come late but would find parking space to park their car nearby.

Positive Behavior consideration others

The Story of A Nine Year Old Japanese Boy

I must mention here about a nine year old Japanese boy, real time story posted by a Vietnamese journalist during those tumultuous days of Tsunami. While covering all round destruction, in a small coastal town, this journalist came across a long queue distributing food to hungry and shivering people. He noticed a nine year old boy shivering with cold, all wet, almost at the tail end of the queue Journalist estimated that by the time this boy’s turn would come, whatever food was there for distribution, was likely to be over. While talking with the boy, he came to know that boy’s house and family, parents and a younger sister, were washed away in the first sudden wave of tsunami. He was saved since he was away from home at that time.

Japanese Boy Story…

The boy had not eaten for two days. Taking pity, journalist gave his food packet to the boy. Boy took the food packet from him, coolly went to the people distributing the food and gave the food packet to them, came back and stood in the queue at his place once again. When journalist told him that food packet was meant for him, boy replied “No. Whatever food is there, is to be shared by everyone. Whenever my turn comes, I shall accept whatever food is given to me”. Great Nations are built when citizens have this kind of consideration, feeling of togetherness & bonhomie and willingness to share whatever they have, with each other.

Consideration for others Stimulates Positive Behavior. Being considerate of others, helping others is a part of our life and humanity.

Civilized Society and Citizen

First indication of a civilized society is the consideration one citizen shows towards his fellow citizen. It is the feel of oneness and bonhomie which people have for each other. It is when we elevate from ‘me, I or mine’ to ‘us, we or our’. Consideration for each other is the embodiment of togetherness,  teamwork, brotherhood, patience and understanding one person has for the other. It is when we treat each other with mutual respect and regard, in spite of diverse and difference of opinion which are normal in thinking people.

Expectations Are Running High

These days, expectations are running high. Everyone wants to get out of the shackles of miseries we ourselves have woven around us. Everyone is expecting and talking of development, growth and prosperity.  And, why not? But without a Considerate Society, feel for each other, togetherness, civic sense, no prosperity will be worth its while. Peace and prosperity always go together. But without consideration towards our fellow beings, peace will always elude us and prosperity meaningless. When we spread goodness by being considerate towards others, goodness rebounds. Consideration for others also means spreading and sharing happiness. It also means spreading and sharing love. Consideration also epitomizes kindness, cooperation, togetherness and grace which are integral part of any versatile, prosperous forward looking society.

Veteran Capt. Ravi Mahajan


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