Do you Love your Children and Grandchildren?

Do you Love your Children and Grandchildren?  I am sure you do. We all do.

Saw the photograph on the front page of all papers? Battery of 9 -10 (some prominent ones were absent) Politicians with laughing faces forming a chain on a stage. Laughable indeed!

Do you Love your Children and Grandchildren

They all have TWO things in Common:


  1. They all want to be Prime Minister of India defeating Modi in 2019. Can we have so many PMs after 2019? Imagine for a minute, if they all win in 2019 (we wish them good luck), what will happen to the only country which is our home. Will constitution be amended to accommodate so many individuals each one with a king sized Ego and even bigger Ambition to write their own names in ‘Prime Ministers of India’ list, somehow?


Alternative: I can think of is Prime Minister Ship on WEEKLY OR MONTHLY BASIS? or maybe One PM for a quarter, rest 8-9 as deputy PMs under him. Since it would be on turn basis. Nobody would mind.


  1. Ask them to write their ASSETS in 2004 and in 2014. (Beginning and end of UPA era led by MMS). And present Assets in 2018. Even without their answer, I have a question to ask. Why their ASSETS had Exponential increase in 2004-2014 and negligible (or NO) increase after 2014.


(Those who did not hold office during 2004-2014 are exempted.)


Yes, I am a Modi Fan. Till Modi came in 2014, I had no political leanings. I also called it ‘dirty politics’, not my cup of tea. But Then I saw the difference. All politicians want Power. But the difference is, some for RULING, some for SERVING and Modi endeavors to take the country where we truly belong – FIRST WORLD DEVELOPED WORLD Not Developing world where our generation has lived.

Education and innovation: Education today.

In the present scenario where our lives are controlled by the Politicians (through policy decisions) almost totally, it is up to you, in which India Your Children or Grandchildren will live? In India, where OUR GENERATION has lived. In a Poor, Third World India or RICH FIRST WORLD INDIA IN THE FOREFRONT OF WORLD AFFAIRS.


You have the ‘Power of ONE’. Incidentally, you cannot be apolitical now which I was, nearly Four Years Ago.


Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.


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