Dr Hinohara’s Perspective on LIFE

Dr. Hinohara’s Perspective on  LIFE


AMAZING – Dr. Hinohara’s Perspective on  LIFE


Inspirational Quotes on LIFE. Quotes that can help you. The Quotes the can change your life. Dr Hinohara is a popular name in motivational writers.

At the age of 97 years, Shigeaki Hinohara is one of the world’s longest-serving physician and educator. Hinohara’s magic touch is legendary. Since 1941, he has been healing patients at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo and teaching at St. Luke’s College of Nursing. After World War II, in 1945, he envisioned a world-class hospital and college springing from the ruins of Tokyo; thanks to his pioneering spirit and business savvy, the doctor turned these institutions into the nation’s top medical facility and nursing school. Today he serves as chairman of the board of trustees in both organizations.

 As suggested by him, here are TEN HEALTHY HABITS to improve your Life:

Dr Hinohara Life Tips and Tricks

  1. ENERGY comes from FEELING GOOD,Not from eating more or sleeping a lot. We all remember how, as children, when we were having fun, we often forgot to eat or sleep. We can keep that attitude of FEELING GOOD as adults.

Dr Hinohara’s Perspective on LIFE.

Important Tips on Life.

  1. All those who live long regardless of nationality, race or gender, SHARE ONE THING in common:NONE ARE OVERWEIGHT.Hence, Eat Less but Healthy. Eat lots of Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, skimmed milk & curd, chicken or fish, nuts & lots of water. Avoid oily foods, aerated drinks, junk foods, red meat etc.
  1. Always plan ahead: Use your Imagination and Anticipate likely events and things to happen. Make amental planbut use your imagination Positively not negatively. You can always handle things better when you have planned ahead.

Dr Hinohara’s Tips on LIFE

Beautiful Tips By Dr Hinohara

  1. Say big NOto Retirement: How to livelong & healthy is no secret. It’s simple.Eat less, work more and always be Positive inspite of problems and temporary setbacks.
  1. SHARE your knowledge & Happiness:Both knowledge and Happiness multiply when you share them with others. It gives you a great sense of fulfillment when you spread Goodness which then generates a FEEL GOOD FACTOR within Yourself.
  1. Music and Animals make you Happy:Music and Pets are great companions. At home, away or driving, always have either around to listen & play with.
  1. Take the Stairs and carry your own stuff:‘Use it or loose it’ is the principle on which life rests. So never hesitate to give little trouble or pain to your body now to get long term healthy body.Exercise regularly, eat & Think healthy. Have Faith in your Creator.
  1. Don’t be crazy about amassing material things:Do not do wrong to amass wealth and learn correct perspective of money early in life.  Remember! You don’t know when your number is up, and you can’t take anything with you to the next place.
  1. Learn from life’s incidents:Learn from past incidents and take corrective measures as and when required. Remain proactive in learning. Do not learn only from your mistakes but from others’ as well. ‘Wise learn from their mistakes, wiser from others’ mistakes’.
  1. Retirement and contribution to society:It is wonderful to live long. However, until one is 60 years old, it is easy to work for one’s family and to achieve one’s goals. But in our later years, we should strive to contribute to society in whatever way we can. GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN.

If you have given good upbringing and education to your children, let them prosper on their own talent and hard work because at the end of it all, true satisfaction and happiness comes from having conquered all the difficulties and problems on their way up, not by getting it all as largesse or inheritance where that great sense of achievement shall be lacking.

Capt. Ravikant Mahajan Retd.

डा. हिनोहारा के लाइफ के बारे में टिप्स. डा हिनोहारा के लाइफ टिप्स बहुत ही लोकप्रिय और प्रेरणादायी हैं. आशा करते हैं कि ये आपको पसंद आए होंगे. ये पोस्ट कैप्टन रविकांत महाजन जी ने हिंदी सक्सेस डाट काम के लिए भेजी थी. आप भी हमारी वेबसाइट पर एक गेस्ट पोस्ट लिख कर ब्लागिंग की दुनिया में लोकप्रिय हो सकते हैं.

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