Be God Aware Not God Fearing

World is full of people, claiming to be devotees of various Gods. I can safely categorize these devotees into two kinds. First kind consists of those devotees who love God. They consider God to be their benefactor and are very God-fearing. They pray regularly and also visit temples regularly begging for His benevolence. They are very particular about the rituals, to please their benefactor and are always in the forefront of any temple construction or placing gold idols in temples or gold coverings on God’s idols or any such related activities. Human dignity is far-fetched thing for these devotees, who would go to any level, trying to please their God. They have no hesitation in approaching God as a beggar, begging various things, mostly wealth related, for themselves or their immediate family members. They would, often, visit temples or would place conditions for His darshan, that if He gives them this or that, they would visit the temple or come for darshan or do some puja or would gift the temple something. These devotees love God because He is their benefactor. DEVOTEES WHOM GOD LOVES.



The second kind of devotees also love God dearly, but never place any condition or price on their devotion. Formal Prayers or visit to temple, is not a must for them. They are hardly ever bothered about rituals to please God. Main difference between the first and second kind, is that the second kind are not God-fearing but are God-aware. They feel God’s presence everywhere, including within themselves. They are very helpful to fellow human beings, are kind and compassionate to any God’s creation. They are the embodiment of love, affection, integrity and warmth, all of which denotes their devotion. They are always very humble, sweet speaking and treat everyone with dignity, humility and respect. They always accept with great gratitude, whatever God provides them, never complaining or asking anything for themselves. They know that their God knows better and would provide them everything they need. They are always honest and truthful in their day to day dealings. They are so helpful and kind that saying, ‘The hands that help, are holier than the lips that pray,’ seems to have been made for people like them.

Devotees whom God loves

These are the DEVOTEES WHOM GOD LOVES. Since God does not own any specific place of residence for his own stay, He reside in their hearts. In such purified hearts only God resides. These are the God’s favourites. Be like these devotees and God will share his address with you also.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

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