एक पोती का पत्र दादा जी के नाम

पोती का पत्र दादा जी के नाम,Granddaughter’s letter to his grandfather. दादा जी को जब उनकी पोती ने पत्र लिखा. मेरे प्यारे दादा जी, मेरे एग्जाम चल रहे हैं. सभी बड़े पेपर हो चुके हैं. मैं बहुत बोर हो रही हूँ…..

Granddaughter's letter, Dada Ji ko poti ka letter, ek patr

Ragini’s Poem in his letter

My exams are going on. All my big ones are over (Math, Science, Social, Sanskrit); but we have Hindi (3rd Language) and Computer Science left. We had English Literature today, which went very well. Math is my least favorite subject.

I feel so tired, so bored;
As I hear the boy in the corner snore,
And looking at the question paper and half-filled answer sheet;
I feel like sleeping in the heat.

I watch the nerds sitting next to me
Already finished Problem thirty-three,
And me, you ask, where was I?
Stuck in Problem number five.

And then the teacher calls,
“Fifteen minutes left, you all!”
I start scribbling, horror-struck,
And half my problems I fluke and count on luck.

And then when our invigilator
Started collecting the papers,
I finally finished mine,
And I realized that I was just in time!

And then, how we celebrated!
‘Cause it was one more test finished,
Then I remembered there would be another misery tomorrow,
I would be sitting in Science Sorrow!

By Magic Ragini

Ragini Ramanujam is my Grand Daughter. She wrote these two poems when she was about ten.

God Bless us all.                                                                                                                     

Capt. Ravi Kant Mahajan Retd.

The Full Moon Poem Written By Magic Ragini

एक जीवंत और संतोषजनक जीवन के लिए दिशानिर्देश

Thank you Grandfather, Granddaughter thank you, Letter to grandfather

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