Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life

Your Academic and Professional qualifications would help you get a good job, raise a family, get Rich, be counted and get some position. But soon you will get used to these things. Then, you will want more from Life, to Live Better, a truly Happy, Vibrant and Satisfying Life which fulfills your spiritual needs along with material aspirations. Following GUIDELINES would help you Live and Feel Better about yourself. Practice them, Instill them every day; Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life.

Motivational article about Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life

Motivational article about “Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life”.


  1. WORK is worship. Workplace, your Temple. You must enjoy both. Simple rule is, put in your Best in whatever you do.
  2. GIVE people more than they expect & do it cheerfully. To be considered GENEROUS by others, will boost your Confidence, Joy and Well being levels which in itself, is a Unique Great feeling.
  3. In Life, it pays to become an ENTHUSIASTIC, POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC person. Then, you will see Good in all that happens to you. Spread GOODNESS, for GOODNESS to return to you.
  4. SAVE to PROSPER. Spend after SAVING a Fixed amount regularly and feel the affect of own Prosperity.
  5. Commit yourself to Consistent Self-Development, Self-Improvement and Self-Empowerment. There is nothing in this world what cannot be done better. Always look to improve.
  6. Be DECISIVE even if you may be wrong sometimes.
  7. Understand that Happiness is not based on Possessions, Power & Prestige but on Relationships you Love & Respect. Start investing in Relationships from young age. Love – Sharing – Helping – Giving provide you true Happiness.
  8. Say firm ‘NO’ to BLAME GAME. Take full Responsibility for every area of your Life. Focus on Solutions not problems.
  9. Be BOLD, LOYAL, HONEST & COURAGEOUS. These qualities give Long Term Assured Returns.
  10. LIFE isn’t meant to be EASY. It’s meant to be Lived Well, Sometime Easy, sometime Rough.
  11. You can’t control everyone or everything. You can only control Yourself. So, do that affectively.
  12. Nothing lasts forever. Not even all the troubles you might be having off & on. Ultimately everything passes.
  13. Even after doing your best, you may still fail. Knowing that we can fail sometimes, should not deter you.
  15. You can’t please all the people all the time. Don’t even try. Do not be hungry for others’ approval. Be yourself.
  16. We are what we repeatedly do. ‘Excellence’, is not an act but a Habit. If you keep trying, nothing is beyond you.
  17. PRAY as you get up & before retiring for bed. Just THANK HIM. Don’t beg or ask since He knows. Always keep your connectivity with your Creator through sincere Prayer. Prayer is like calling Home when you are away.
  18. Do not tell your troubles to others. Some don’t care, others may be happy that you have them.
  19. Even during the ‘worst’ of times, never lose HOPE & FAITH because Help does, often, come from most unexpected quarters and persons if you keep praying, trying and hoping.
  20. PERSISTENCE is the Key to great achievements in life. You have to keep at it long enough. Never Give in. Never. Read Also- Granddaughter’s letter to his grandfather
  21. GOOD HEALTH! You simply can’t achieve much if you don’t enjoy good health. For GOOD HEALTH, be regular at 45 minutes exercise, eat moderately avoiding junk-fried foods, aerated drinks and Smile a lot.
  22. Always be Principled, Ethical and Fair-minded with others in your approach & dealings. Instead of ‘me first’, put others first and see the astonishing results.
  23. Do a random act of Kindness everyday (there is no upper limit). Unseen forces work for you when you are Compassionate & Kind to God’s other creatures, those not as lucky as you are.
  24. Live a BALANCED LIFE. Do not be overjoyed with Good that happens nor feel too sad about bad.
  25. Don’t Criticize, Grumble or Complain even as routine pass time or small talk. Leave those who do it, at once.
  26. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude. Always be thankful to Him for His mercies, to your parents, family, society and country. Be generous with expressing Gratitude and Appreciation
  27. MARRY the Right Person. This single most Important Event in your Life, will make you Happy or miserable. Compatibility & values are much more important than Physical attributes which last for a short while.
  28. Bring some SELFLESSNESS in your life. Convert those egoist ‘I’, ‘me’. ‘mine’ & ‘myself’ to ‘We’, ‘Us’ & ‘Ours’. You will be much happier, contented and satisfied that way.
  29. Forgive others for their perceived mistakes and hurts. Be the proud owner of a prejudice-free heart. Forgiveness cools your inner self as coolant does your car engine.

Wishing a Vibrant & Satisfying Life

एक जीवंत और संतोषजनक जीवन के लिए दिशानिर्देश. In this motivational article “Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life” We will hope the best. Hope these Guidelines would help you Live and Feel Better about yourself. Practice them, Instill them every day; Guidelines for a Vibrant & Satisfying Life.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

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