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Before attempting to resolve any problem or issue, we must try to understanding its genesis. Children are in conflict with parents, spouses with each other, siblings, caste conflicts, regional, religion and Nations. Last century was full of conflicts resulting into untold miseries and murder of millions of people.

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Conflict starts basically from the heart which is at war because we want to subjugate others, feel superior to others. Our perverted mind enjoys seeing other lesser beings in pain. Because of restless heart and mind, smallest disagreement escalates into an ugly argument, reasoning losing way totally.

In such common situations, we fail to introspect, forgive, forget or move towards much needed Harmony within the spouses, family, society & Nations.

However, every problem has a solution if we face it squarely.

Try the following to RESOLVE CONFLICTS in your life

  1. Recognize that something is Wrong and Needs Mending.
  2. Start looking for Solutions sincerely and honestly.
  3. Stop feeling victimized which might make you aggressive.
  4. Try to see things from others’ perspective too.
  5. Wherever you feel you are at fault, better admit or at least mend yourself. Show your compromising and changed stance.
  6. Stop grumbling, complaining, criticizing in general.
  7. Improve your tone, body language and mannerism.
  8. Get into the habit of attentive listening. Most conflicts start because we do not listen to understand but to reply.
  9. Often, in conflicts, more than reasoning, inflated Ego reigns.
  10. Be sympathetic to other persons’ views.
  11. Always dwell on agreements first, then slowly disagreements with intention and impression to resolve through give and take.
  12. When other person speaks, do not interrupt, take time to respond positively. Never let emotions or self pity rule your head. Remain above them.


From our book, Yes. Together We Can (New Edition) Pg.#.228.

-Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.


Our Gratitude & Thanks for Capt. ravi Mahajan for this inspirational article for Hindi Success.

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