पहले परीक्षा बाद में सीखना

In Life Exams Come First, Then Learning. जिंदगी में पहले हमें परीक्षाओं से जूझना पड़ता है बाद में हम सीखते हैं. बुद्धिमान अनुभवों से सीखते हैं, अधिक बुद्धिमान लोग दूसरों से सीखते हैं. आप अधिक बुद्धिमान बनें न कि बुद्धिमान.

Wise learn from own experience, WISER from others’. Be Wiser not just wise.


In life, there is no substitute to experience. But experiences of life take time. And by the time you learn from experiences and make use of them, it might be too late, of no real use. So how best to wade through life ? Always remaining in Learning Mode, to learn from each experience, but still better, is to be a keen observer and keep learning from others’ experiences. Here are EIGHT Life Lessons, you must instill and inspire others to do so:

Exams इन लाइफ एक्साम्स कामे फर्स्ट थें लर्निंग, exams, learninf, life

  1. In life, it is necessary to develop an Analytical mind & Thinking Habit.Do not accept things without analyzing them yourself. None can think on your behalf nor can he analyze.


  1. Always keep learning attitude on, an eye for what and where you can learn best, instill Good habits, Mannerism, Ethics, Etiquettes, Basic Courtesies, Values, Self-discipline and high degree of Civic Sense.


  1. Take interest in others.Observe their good habits. Be a good listener and yes listen, not hear. Listen carefully, observe minutely and instill diligently. Make self improvement and self-development, a way of life. Howsoever good or accomplished you may be, room for improvement is always there. But Never develop this self defeating attitude “What does not concern me, in none of my concern”.


  1. Never rest, even if you are the best.Try to be better than that. Change, where change is required! Change what you can but accept what you cannot. In life, everything cannot be to your taste or liking. You must get used to things. Self-Create a habit of acceptance of what you cannot change.

life लाइफ में एग्जाम के बाद सीखना, In Life Exams comes first then learning

  1. ‘Minds are like parachute. They work only when open’.Never close your mind to Possibilities. Chance and opportunities await you everywhere. Always keep your eyes and ears open since opportunities knock very softly.

Being A positive person in Life

  1. Often people over-react to situations which are beyond their control. Things like sudden change of weather or something else resulting in cancellation of pre-arranged program, imposition of new taxes by the government, increase in price of household gas or motor fuels, unexpected traffic jam on our way, defeat of your favorite team in an important match or hundred other things over which, we have no control. These things happen for everybody and shall continue to happen, not only to you. Be cool, unperturbed non-reactive.If others are crying hoarse or cribbing, let them.

In Life Exams Come First, Then Learning.

In Life Exams comes first then learning

  1. You being a positive person of substance, maintain your dignity and remain your unruffled self.Start thinking or working on how best you can meet the challenge. Most problems have a limited life span and after some time, either it will pass or you will get used to the new situation or challenge. Best is to let it go. If you have surrendered fully
    to God, then it is His problem, not yours. Your ‘Dharma is Karma’(Action)’, so keep doing your Dharma.


  1. Life’s Battles are Not always Won by the Faster or Stronger man. The man who Wins, is the Man who thinks, HE CAN”.And if you try, try hard and smart and keep trying, nothing is impossible to achieve in life. It requires persistent efforts. Never give up. Try, try and try again. In life, everything may or may not work. But persistence always works. Never Give up. Never, never, never.


In Life Exams Come First, Then Learning.


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