Life is full of small pleasures

Life is full of small pleasures and joys. Small pleasures bring us oceans of happiness. Life full small pleasures. Help your child with lesson. Help a blind person to cross the road. Help someone on the road to pick up fallen things or just hold the door for someone. Expression of gratitude in recipient’s eyes from these small jobs is your reward. Life’s byword is help. Help others for your happiness. If you want God help to you when need help, help others when they need help.


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When we talk of joys of small things, Joy of giving is something which one cherishes just like helping. This society has given us so much. We can never repay in full measures. Even if we repay in small measures, it would give us lots of joy and happiness. Make a principal in life ‘Give whatever you can whenever you can’. You don’t give for others’ happiness but for your own happiness. Each small act of kindness and giving adds to your self-esteem, builds self-confidence and makes you a person of substance.


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Surely you want to live a healthier life, start with small changes. And little salad here and there. Just replace those with Vadas, Bondas or ‘delicious’ Paranthas with idlis, Pongal/Upma or add fruits/vegetables to your diet. Change not dietary habits slowly but change all the same. Take stairs instead of lift. Start morning workout for thirty minutes to start with, increase water intake gradually reduce sweet intake or decrease sugar in your tea or coffee and reduce salt intake. Wanting to stop smokin. Those endless cups of sweetened coffee or aerated drinks or junk food intake? Follow 5% rule. Bring in small changes gradually.

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There are many small things in life which come to us as God’s gift. Real enjoyment in life is not owning and accumulating big, then leaving big for your inheritors to fight over it. To see a smile on a hungry face, to see your employee’s children being educated with your help and support, donate for a cause to see the cause growing and making so many people happy are the real treasures of life. Sponser a child’s education and compare his photograph before and after your help and enjoy the difference.


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A Lot of Smile With A Little Efforts


How wonderful we can achieved a lot of smiles and pleasures on many faces by doing small work.

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This post “Life is full of small pleasures” (inspirational article in English) is inspired by the article written by Cap. Ravi Mahajan(Retd.) in his book ‘Your Quest of Being Better”. We are grateful to Cap Ravi Mahajan for his kind support to HindiSuccess.Com. You can read his other articles here.

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