जिंदगी के कुछ सरल सिद्धांत- LIFE’S SIMPLE PRINCIPLES

Life’s Simple Principal Motivational article. जिंदगी तो सरल है मगर कभी-कभी ये हमारे लिए कठिन बन जाती है. जिंदगी के कुछ सरल सिद्धांतों पर हम कुछ चर्चा करते हैं. Life is simple but we make it complicated. Some simple to do things in life.


  1. Spread Goodness: Our short life span is nothing but a reflection. When we are Good & Spread Goodness, Good Happens. More Loving we are, more we are Loved. By Spreading and Sharing Happiness, Happiness Rebounds, Happier we are. More we Give, more we Get. Kind, Cooperative, Helpful, Graceful we are, more Kindness, Cooperation, Help and Grace comes back to us from Him. When we are Honest, Ethical & Value-based, More & More people are attracted to do Business with us, Use our services or want to be our Friends, Generating Prosperity, Growth and Progress for us from all corners. All the GOOD we do, first Benefits us, then only the recipient for whom it is done. So, KEEP DOING GOOD, always.


  1. No Comparisons: Don’t compare your life, family, spouse, circumstances and possessions with others. You cannot peep into their realities. Appearances are often deceptive. Take pride in what you have. You cannot have everything in life as per your choice. Learn to make Best of what you have, striving for More and Better.



  1. Nil Expectations: High expectations from others, when not met, can be quite painful. Expect little or nothing from anyone to avoid disappointments and heartaches. High Expectations make you look greedy and go against the tenets of a well lived dignified life.

जिंदगी के कुछ सरल सिद्धांत

Life's Simple Principal Motivational article

  1. Acceptance: Change the changeable but ACCEPT what you cannot change. Most problems, Conflicts and Resentments happen WHEN YOU DO NOT ACCEPT WHAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE. Life’s Simple Principal Motivational article.


  1. Eliminate Fear & Worry: Face every situation with Courage, Coviction and Confidence. 92% of fears and worries are Imaginary, product of negative mindset. Do not ignore or postpone what needs to be done. Do it NOW. However, remember, things or situations are never as bad as they appear to be.

 (This inspirational article is sent by Cap. Ravi Mahajan. We are grateful to Cap. Ravi Mahajan for this article.)


Life’s Simple Principal Motivational article

  1. Good Health: Whatever you want to be or want to achieve in life, only a Healthy Body and Mind can deliver. Always be health-conscious by eating Healthy Foods, shun Fast, Fried or Junk Foods, indulging daily in exercise, walk, yoga, jogging etc. for a healthy regimen & lifestyle.


  1. Flexibility and Adaptability: Successful persons are Flexible while Failures, Rigid, Stubborn and Inflexible. Flexibility, as demanded by the situation and adaptability as per the circumstances, is always the right course, successful people choose.

(Enough for today. Instill – Practice – Contemplate. Rest some other time)

-Capt.  Ravi Mahajan Retd.

This post ‘Life’s Simple Principal Motivational article’ is sent by Cap. Ravi Mahajan(Retd.). You can read his all posts here.

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