Matter Of Convenience सुविधा की बात

Matter of Convenience

So many Malls, big & huge ones have opened in almost every City now. They are so convenient. Almost everything is under one roof. Such opulence, air conditioned comfort, such well dressed and courteous staff, entire family can spend an evening window shopping or eating. Near home, so many big vegetable and fruit stores have opened; everything is available under one roof. All are so convenient.

मैटर of कन्वी सुविधा की बात

Has it ever occurred to us, what happened to the provision store who has been serving us earlier for generations or the vegetable vendor or small shop which now we find so inconvenient.


Matter, Convenience

At one of these vegetable super markets, I can always find couples mostly well dressed loaded with money types, buying their weekly requirement of vegetables and fruits. Shop has provided FREE small polythene bags to put each item separately. Most of the so called ‘educated elite’, make best use of those bags provided free to put each vegetable separately in polybags using large number. At the end, everything is put in one, two or three large polythene bags. No one seem to care that these polythene bags are so much harmful for us now and their accumulated cost of our penchant for convenience, will have to be borne by our children, may be ten or twenty years from now when they will be in their prime. Still we claim to love our children.

Matter of Convenience

We may buy social appreciation by celebration theme Birthday parties for our tiny tots or buy the best of education for them but what about the environment where they would live? The thought never occurs to us because of our convenience factor which has become our lifestyle.


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Value System and morals

We try and emulate everything west has given us. Burgers, Pizzas, dresses, cars, lifestyle, almost everything we can, we do. What about their ETHICS, their VALUE SYSTEM, their MORALS, their SENSE OF DUTY, COMMITMENT & DISCIPLINE. During my Army days, my Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Baruah who had served in England, use  to relate that during the world war, cigarettes were in acute short supply. Government wanted bulk of the production to go to Defense Forces. Only one announcement was made on BBC that civilians should not buy more than stipulated quantity of cigarettes. He used to say that though cigarettes were openly available at all the stores, but no civilian would ever buy more than the stipulated quantity. That requires Character and Discipline by which Nations are made.

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Our roads have become virtual monopoly of two and four wheelers of all makes with various degrees of noise and pollution. Pedestrians have virtually been driven off the roads. Even on zebra crossings, with all type of vehicles zooming past at breakneck speed, poor pedestrians find it difficult to cross the road unless traffic cop is present. At times it is a pathetic sight to see old people or couples with small children waiting to cross the road but since it is very inconvenient to stop the vehicle for pedestrians, no one bothers. Try that in a western country or even in Dubai. Jail will be the destination for such uncaring and irresponsible drivers.

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Chennai is a good city

चेन्नई  अच्छे शहरों में से एक है. चेन्नई का पुराना नाम मद्रास है. चेन्नई शहर इतिहास और पर्यटन की द्रष्टि से बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण शहर है.

Chennai will be among the few cities in the world to have such beautiful sprawling beaches. We should take pride in them. But see their condition every morning specially Monday morning. They are littered with waste paper, poly bags and other varieties of junk simply because we find it very inconvenient to put the waste in  the bins provided for the purpose.


I am glad that you have read this article Matter of Convenience . But only reading will not help you or your children. Putting these small things in practice so that our children do not have to live in a poor third world country. If we become little more responsible and disciplined now and teach our children the correct way of living, they shall live in a RICH FIRST WORLD INDIA.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           –  Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

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