My Classmates at PGBT College Bhopal

College life is a golden period of life where we learn many things, behaviors and so many. During my B.Ed. training I spent 1 year in P.G.B.T. College Bhopal. P.G.B.T. College is the old name of Government College of Education which is situated at Bairasia Road Bhopal. The area near Government College of Education is known as PGBT College area. I spent one year there and I gained many experiences there; educational and other. In this post I would like to talk about my classmates in B. Ed. training.


In that session there are many fresh students were there in training along with the in-service teachers. I am also a fresh student there. There were many students from the different districts of M.P. Many students were from Raigarh, Raipur and the other parts of present Chattisgarh state. All of my classmates were good and I learned many things by my classmates. P.G.B.T. College is a good college for B.Ed. and M.Ed. program for in-service teachers.

My Close Classmate Friends in P.G.B.T.

Here I want to discuss especially about my best friend Dharmendra Patel (Dharmendra Nath Patel). He was my best friend in the college and I was the best friend of him. He was from Village Chhatamura. After completing B. Ed. training he wrote me letters but since last few years I am not in touch with him. So by this blog post I mis my best friend Dharmendra Nath Patel. Dharmendra Nath Patel was a person with good and friendly attitude.
Dharmendra Nath Patel was a good person in many ways. He was a good student, good poet, good writer and a good painter. His many qualities were expressed in PGBT College Campus.
After completing B.Ed. Degree, we communicated each other by post (Postcards and inland letters) but after that we did not communicate each other. Till now me donot know where Dharmendra Nath Patel is and what he is doing.If you know Dharmendra, Please tell me him about me. I have been waiting for your responce.You would like to read this:
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