विचार करने के लिए विचारणीय बिंदु- Points to Ponder Golden Words

Points To Ponder

Few minutes it will take for you to relax over following. Here are a few Golden Words; points to ponder. Golden Words which need to be instilled by all of us: इस पोस्ट में अपनी जिंदगी में विचार करने के लिए कुछ विचारणीय बिंदु दिए हैं.

Golden words, points to ponder,

 Good and Goodness- अच्छा और अच्छाई

  • Doing Good to others is not a duty. It is a JOY, for it increases your own Health and Happiness.
  • Get all the small things of your life right. Big things will get into place automatically.
  • Life is not qualified by fluent English, branded clothes & rich lifestyle. It is measured by number of faces Smile when they hear your name.

Points to Ponder. Golden Words


Who is Rich- धनी कौन है?

  • RICH are not those who have more but those who GIVE more & Expect NO More.
  • World suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people but because of the Silence of the Good people.
  • You can live each day with the World filled with the problems OR rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions, eager for you to find them. The decision is yours. BOTH WORLDS EXIST. The one you will choose, is the one you Will Create.



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