Our Responsibilities Towards Nation: India First

INDIA FIRST: Our Responsibilities Towards Nation

During my Army tenure, our CO (Commanding Officer) Lt. Col. Buruah used to relate a very inspiring story about War time Britain where he had served during World War II. Cigarettes were scarce since many factories producing cigarettes were diverted to other War effort. British Government decided to divert most of the limited cigarette production to the Armed forces. Informing the public of the decision on radio, only one announcement was made on BBC that civilians should purchase only specified quantity of cigarettes from the stores. He, very proudly used to tell us that though cigarettes were available in all stores as earlier, citizens would only buy the specified quantity as suggested in the announcement. No rationing or anything of the sort was felt necessary since civilians also wanted to contribute whatever they could towards war effort and felt that this was the opportunity for them through self denial-sacrifice, self discipline, character, patriotism & show support for their forces who were fighting the War on their behalf.

After having been defeated in World War II and being the only country on whose populations, Atomic Bombs were ever used in human history,Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing millions, both cities razed to the ground along with of other cities, Japanese Emperor informed the Japanese on radio about the defeat and surrender of Japanese forces. Even at that most trying time, he inspired them to leave the past behind and start working for a new Japan. Out of the ashes, emerged the present day Japan, limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture and quake-prone, but one of the Best Economies in the world.

Incidentally, I was watching TV when 9/11 happened in US. It was horrific and unimaginable, the loss of human lives, fire & smoke, those beautiful buildings collapsing and in no time became rubble. Stern faced George Bush calling an Emergency meeting & all. But after the initial shock and horror was absorbed, reconstruction & rehabilitation started. Everybody, be it civilians, forces, police, investigating agencies, politicians went about their jobs trying to build a bright future. There was never any blame game or criticism of the incumbent government. And no denying the fact that they did emerge out of the ashes with greater tenacity, regulations and rock like discipline and determination.

There is no denying the fact that INDIA is looking up – Domestically as well as Internationally. Things are moving & moving fast. Biggest achievement of this government has been that Central Ministerial corruption has been eradicated effectively since there has been no scams in last three years of this government taking over which had become as common as the summer sun in earlier regime. Best part of this great upward movement has been that our vast rural population is in the loop, moving fast and upward with bank accounts, Adhar & mobile connectivity, Cooking & Electricity provided to vast rural population and most of all, HOPE for the future and confidence that in this vast conglomerate that INDIA is, they also count.

Internationally people are amazed to see all this and much more happening under a democratic regime with population nearing 1.3 billion making the slogan ‘ UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ work which would be considered almost impossible anywhere else in the world. Our constitution guaranteeing Freedom of speech, expression, religion etc. maintained by & large. However, it is highly improbable that sometimes, somewhere things don’t go wrong. In most of the places, government whether Central or State have effectively controlled the situation. But, exceptions in a diverse country like ours, will always be there.

We should have to understand our Responsibilities towards nation.

But unfortunately, for some, criticism and blame game seems to have become a full pass time. In no time, for anything going wrong, you see hundreds of posts suggesting, advising, criticizing and blaming the government or someone specific. Social media and internet  makes it all so easy. As a democracy, they think that this is their right. Yes it is, I also agree.

But why can’t we see the POSITIVES too? No one has even thought of or tried to do things which have been accomplished already. Why can’t we see the Vision, the Intention, Honesty of purpose in broader sense. Those in government are only professional politicians, not administrators, managers or executives. They have not gone to any of the IIMs. Moreover, in a complex country like ours, things are not easy to get done. But even 12-15 years olds, are criticizing the government on Kashmir policy, Naxals, Demonetization & complex Economic matters, communal strife and what not, on social media. Of course, our media has it’s own sword to grind in matters so complex always harping on the Negatives completely ignoring the Positives and Accomplishments.


INDIA FIRST: Speech Our Responsibilities Towards Nation


We have elected a government in democratic transparent process which has absolute majority in Parliament, still is decent enough to continue with the coalition formed years ago. Their Intentions are good, to take the nation forward. Their achievements far outnumber failures. Our respect and clout in international circles have gone up like anything. Population wise we are the biggest working democracy in the world. Economically, we are on sound footing and rising. All this has not been easy to achieve. Much more is going to happen in future both in short and long term.

Such criticism of the government coming from all irresponsible quarters remind me of my parents. They developed great interest in cricket in their old age. I am sure both of them never, perhaps saw a cricket ball or bat except on TV but criticized Gavasker and Tendulkar about their batting technique. After having lost the match, they usually criticized Kapil Dev for the poor captaincy and ineffective bowling changes.

It makes me happy that those who are trying and accomplishing all those changes, are too busy in getting things done having no time for inglorious criticism and blame game. They are not alone but with a band of specialized brilliant brains to advise them on complex matters. But we need to be PATIENT. We gave SEVENTY Years to the earlier regime who did both right & wrong things. Present incumbents also deserve  promised Five years to accomplish after which you can  decide in 2019 and  elect a government of your choice. Give them time now to work undisturbed and wait for that opportunity to change in 2019 like a mature person.

Most of us know that Mr. Harish Salve charged only Rs ONE as his fees appearing as Defense Attorney for KULBHUSHAN JADHAV at The Hague. (It is said that Pakistan paid equivalent of Rs 40 crores for their Pak-British Attorney who lost the case). On behalf of proud Indians all over the world, I convey our Appreciation, Thanks and Gratitude to him for this act of Generosity & Patriotism. However, you may not be knowing that both PM Modi and External Affairs minister, Ms  Sushma Swaraj, have been calling Jadhav’s family personally many times since this matter has come up and informing them of the proceedings etc. PM Modi himself, often calls up the families of the martyrs, conveys Nation’s Gratitude personally to them apart from all possible help.

Contribute Your Country- Responsibilities towards nation

Many times in future too, many things will go wrong but control your impulse to criticize or blame someone and put yourself in place of ‘wrongdoer’.

Contribute your might, the power of one in the nation’s building process. That is the need of the hour.

Put in your best in whatever you are doing.


GIGANTIC things accomplished

That’s how nation can get GIGANTIC things accomplished.

– Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

राष्ट्र के प्रति हमारा कर्तव्य

India- our country

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