Small Things Which Make A Big Difference

Small Things And A Big Difference

Small things which make a Big Difference, being APPRECIATIVE, COMPLIMENTING with a warm SMILE.


Mother Teresa, once said, “I will never understand all the good that a simple SMILE can accomplish”.


Yes, a simple Smile can accomplish a lot, makes you attractive, changes your mood, relieves stress and helps you stay positive. When you are touched by a gesture of goodwill, Compliment the person with few appreciative words on your lips and a smile on your face. When you do that, you do God’s work. It may just be a small thing for you, but for the person, it makes a big difference. His day is made. His heart sings.

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Good things are not easy to come by these days. But when you notice them or get them, always acknowledge them and return them with a compliment, be it delicious food cooked by your mother or wife who have taken pains to ensure that you get to eat what you like best, dress your spouse or someone is wearing, the way your spouse or any person is looking, even Thank and Compliment the boy who cleans your car. Always acknowledge any act of service rendered, howsoever small, with a smile on your face and a few words of appreciation and compliments will do wonders for the recipient and make you happy and vibrant.

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Be expressive with your compliments

When you keep your mind full of jealousy, intolerance, envy, arrogance, aggression, prejudices, acrimony, anger, you are resentful and restless, you will find everyone thus but when you fill your heart and mind with Love, Grace, Appreciation, Tolerance, Harmony and express these godly pursuits through words, complimenting others for all the good, an unbound enthusiasm and unseen positive energy and vitality will flow into you. Remember, when we are Appreciative and Compliment the person enthusiastically, these might be the only good thing which might have happened to the recipient during the day. So, never hold yourself back. Be expressive with your compliments, appreciation and good humor which most people do not do.

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In the prevalent  negative culture which has taken root these days, even when people like something very much, they find it difficult to compliment with words or be appreciative. Get out of that enslaved mindset and be liberal with words of appreciation, always complimenting with an open heart. This is one way of making this world a better place, not only for yourself but for all those who touch you and whom you touch.

Easiest way to be Happy

Everyone wants to be Happy. Easiest way to be Happy is by spreading happiness, sharing your happiness with others. Spread happiness through your compliments and appreciative attitude. You want good to happen to you. Best way to attract goodness, is to spread goodness. Life is an echo and reflection of your own self. Polish yourself, so that you see a better and clear reflection. When we polish our hearts and souls with good, we see God’s reflection within us.


Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.


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