CALL the ARMY Floods, Earthquake? – Call the Army. Terrorist attack, Amarnath Yatra?  – Call the Army A child stuck in a bore well? – Call the Army. Riots? – Call the Army. Kashmir? – Call the Army. But For ‘Ribbon Cutting’?- Call Actors, Politicians or Pseudo Seculars, Self proclaimed Intellectuals!!!! Last year Uttarakhand,  Today Kashmir.  Any weather, Any place, Any Disturbance – man […]


Why Be GENEROUS It was when ice-creams or rather nothing were so expensive. A ten year old boy saved from his meager pocket money to have a SUNDAE Ice-Cream and went to an ice-cream parlor. While sitting at the table, he asked the waitress “how much a Sundae ice-cream costs?” “50 cents” she replied. The […]

National Character

NATIONAL CHARACTER   HOW EAST INDIA COMPANY GOT IT’S FOOTHOLD IN INDIA?   It was the time when Moghul Emperor Jahangir was ruling India. His son Shahjahan only about ten, became seriously ill. All sorts of medicines (Both Unani and Ayurvedic which were prevalent at that time) were tried but failed. Every day condition of […]

सदाचार पर अनमोल कथन (Sadaachar Quote Hindi)

Sadachar Par Anmol kathan. (Sadaachar Quote Hindi). सदाचार क्या है? सदाचार का अर्थ. प्रेरणास्पद कथन हिंदी में. सदाचार= अच्छा आचार. यानि अच्छे आचरण को सदाचार कह सकते हैं. ये एक ऐसा गुण है जो हमें बहुत काम आता है. सदाचार पर अनमोल कथन तलवार की कीमत म्यान से नहीं धार से आंकी जाती है. इसी प्रकार […]

Kindness Galore


Kindness Galore. Best portions of a good person’s life. His little nameless unremembered acts of LOVE and KINDNESS. When we have a good heart, good life will follow. Being kind and loving, is the essence of a good heart. Most people think that we give, share, help or show kindness for others’ sake. NO. First […]

Sakaratmak Vichar प्रेरणादायी सुविचार (Part- 14)

Sakaratmak Vichar. Best Inspirational Suvichar. अगर तुम उस वक्त मुस्कुरा सकते हो जब तुम पूरी तरह टूट चुके हो तो यकीन कर लो कि दुनिया में तुम्हें कभी कोई तोड़ नहीं सकता. जिस जिस पर ये जग हँसा है उसी उसी ने इतिहास रचा है. सफल व्यक्ति लोगों को सफल होते देखना चाहते है, जबकि असफल व्यक्ति लोगों को […]