TEN Short Stories with Deep Meaning

TEN  Short Stories With Deep Meaning


TEN  Short Stories With Deep Meaning

Ten Short Stories- Hindisuccess’s Special Post. In this post enjoy the beautiful short stories.


1) She was very excited today, after all, the school was re-opening after a long summer break.

Now, once again, she could start selling stationery at the traffic signal to feed her family.


2) She, a renowned artist and a strict mother, often scolded her 6-year-old son for he could never draw a line straight.

As he breathed slowly into the ventilator, she begged him to make one more crooked line on the ECG.

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3) “Everyone goes with the flow… but the one who goes against it becomes someone remarkable.”

Before I could explain this to the traffic police, the man issued me a Fine.

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4) Their love was different; She was happy every time he kicked her in the stomach.

Every time he kicked she loved him more.

TEN Short Stories With Deep Meaning

She waited for the time she would hold her baby for the first time.

TEN  Short Stories With Deep Meaning.

5) All my toys are yours…!

Read her brother’s death note.


6) They took his father,

and only returned a flag.

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7) At 25, I became a mother of one; at 27 I became a mother of two; and today, at 55, I have become a mother of three!

My son got married today, and brought home his wife!

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8) “Born to rich parents, this boy is so lucky,” exclaimed the neighbors!

Somewhere in heaven, three unborn sisters cried.


9) “You ruined my career, I was supposed to be an executive director,” she thought to herself.

The little angel held her finger tightly and she forgot everything; A mother was born.

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10) Once a 5-year-old boy was standing barefoot in the shallow water of the ocean.


Ten Short Stories Hope to touch your heart

He was repeating the same sentence to the waves – “Even if you touch my feet a thousand times, I won’t forgive you for taking my parents away.”

Edited and Forwarded by Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

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