The World Outside the Cyberspace

There is a beautiful world outside the cyberspace

Now in these days we have been watching a very much popularity of internet. Not only young generation but kids and elders are also using internet for a long time. We listened a decade ago that internet opens the world for you, yes it is true that internet connect us to the world and it is the very powerful source of knowledge. Internet and information technology give us many advantages.

But when we realized the disadvantages of excessive use of internet and much use of cyberspace, it is a very important fact that should be keep in mind that there is a world outside the cyberspace.

World Outside The Cyberspace

A large number of people use internet as an addiction. They spend hours in the world of cyberspace and they like cyberspace than real life. it is the bad effect of cyber society. The people who interacted with you, you do not know them but you spend a lot of your precious time and your mind is present there. When people used more time on internet their time for social activities will be reducing.

Cyberspace as a treasure of knowledge

Yes it is true that cyberspace is the treasure of knowledge. It provides many awesome facilities to search content on any topic. It is very helpful to know about the world outside us.

Cyberspace changed many habits

Cyberspace has changed many habits. It changed various things also. The bad effect of cyber world is that people minimized the social interaction. They like to interact on internet via different social networking site.

The two sides of cyber world


the world outside the cyberspace. An article about internet and real lifeEverything has its two side head and tail. Cyberspace is a great opportunities for everyone but when user misuse it, the bad effect is going to be appear. Getting knowledge by cyberspace is good, but disturbing all real world activities by excessive using of cyberspace is not good. It is a very relevant topic that should be discussed.

I would like to post few articles on that topic in future in English and Hindi languages. There are a lot of issues and opportunities in cyberspace. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of cyber world. What is your opinion on this post? Please leave your opinion.Dear readers, this blog is for Hindi and English articles on different topics. You can visit my another blog EduToday for educational articles and posts.

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