Yesterday, while I was travelling through Uber Pool, I was the first rider, then a young lady with her young daughter joined us and in the end, after about a km, a Muslim guy with skull cap sat in the front seat.

Seeing Muslim guy, this little girl got curious and asked her mother , “Why is this uncle wearing a cap in the evening? There is no sun outside!”

The question made me subconsciously alert, the conversation between the Guy and the Driver also stopped and the Driver lowered the volume of the music player.

I thought of explaining something to the kid, but, the mother was already ready with a wonderful answer.

She said, “Have you not seen me covering my head with a dupatta, whenever I visit the temple? Or when some elder guests come to our house? Or when I have to touch the feet of your grandparents? It is a sign of respect or to pay our regards, my child.”

The girl wasn’t quite convinced. She came up with another question, ” But who is this bhaiya paying respect to? There is no temple here. He is not touching the feet of anyone. Neither is anyone so big in age sitting in this car. So, who is he trying to give his regards to?”

I was little confused at young girl’s penetrating questions but mother was ready for this too. She calmly replied, ” His parents have taught him to respect everyone he meets and to pay them his regards. Just like I teach you to say Namaste to guests.”

No one was expecting this reply. Not even the Muslim guy himself. I was the first one to take the cab so we reached my destination first. I got down, smiling, thinking and admiring young mother’s very appropriate answers to the difficult inquisitive queries from her honest outspoken daughter.

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If this is what the common man thinks about people around him, if this is what people are actually teaching their children, if this is how today’s generation wants their children to learn, then our politicians and religions will fail at dividing us.

All the orthodox idiots are failing in disturbing the Secular fabric of this nation. But we also have such wonderful ladies and equally inquisitive children!. It is said ‘Children learn best from what they see not from what they hear’. This was what they See and Hear Both simultaneously.


REMEMBER: INDIA IS A COUNTRY FULL OF DIVERSITIES. WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE TOGETHER IN THIS COUNTRY. We might come from different Regions, different Religions, Different Cultures, Different ways we dress and eat, BUT WE ARE ONE as INDIAN. THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF THIS COUNTRY.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

Ham Sath-Sath Hain

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