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Yes, Together We Can

Yes, Together We Can.Tips for Success

असंभव शब्द कई लोगों के शब्दकोष में नहीं होता. उनके पास हिम्मत, धैर्य और कौशल जैसे शब्द होते हैं.

‘Can’t is a word that is foe to Ambition.

An enemy ambush to shatter your will.

It’s prey forever, a man with a mission.

And bows only to Courage, Patience & Skill.


Say-yes-to-the-live. Yes, Together We Can Yes, Together We Can.Tips for Success.


So, hate it with hatred that’s deep and undying.

For once, it is welcomed, it will break any man.

But whatever the Goal you are seeking,

Keep Trying.

And answer this demon by saying “Yes, I Can”.

“Yes, Together We Can”



Today, I asked my mentor, a very successful businessman, what his Top Three Tips for Success are?

His reply, “Read something no one is reading,

Think something no one else is thinking and

Do something no one else is doing”.

“Yes, Together We Can”



Once, I asked my parents “what is Success?”

They replied, “Success is, when you look back at your life and memories make you

Smile & Happy”.

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Today, when I was driving my granddaughter to her school, I complained of hitting Red Lights.

My granddaughter chuckled and said

“Grandpa, you often complain about the

Red Lights but Never Celebrate the Green ones”.


“Yes, Together We Can”


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Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.


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